Kelly Rogers Author

Numerous is a thriller that intertwines fascinating historical facts with modern day biological terrorist threats to global peace and health. When you consider the book hinges on a 900 year old prophecy written by Ireland’s first ever saint, you may doubt the ‘factual credentials’... Until you discover that St Malachy not only predicted each and every pope until the very last, Petrus Romanus, but also correctly prophesised the exact date and time of his own death. Far from his prophecy being the little known writings of an ancient mystic, St Malachy’s prophecy was presented, in person, to Pope Innocent II and has been stored in the Vatican's own archives ever since.

Numerous mixes this ancient prophecy with the very real threat of international biological terrorism that an advisor to the UN, Interpol, NATO and various international governments described in 2012 as, ‘a revolution that will be on us faster than either the mobile or the computing revolutions’. The result is a fast-paced thriller that takes the reader on a terrifying journey across three countries and into the Holy Land and the Vatican itself, looking to track down the vicious murderer of an elderly government scientist, who’s been brutally slain and nailed to the wall in the shape of an inverted cross. On the wall beside his body is a series of numbers, daubed in the victim’s own blood. They reveal a plot to release a hellish strain of the H1N1 (SARS) virus into the world’s population, which could kill as many as the 50 million wiped out globally during the ‘Spanish Flu’ epidemic of the early twentieth century.

If you think this book has no relevance to your life, then think again. St Malachy’s prophecy predicts that the final pope will usher forth ‘The End. When the terrible judge will judge his people’.  We currently see the penultimate pope in the Vatican and exactly what ‘The End’ will be we can only guess at...

 “A tortured and murdered scientist nailed upside-down to the wall, numbers daubed in blood and a killer virus on the loose in the Vatican City – this is the stuff of nightmares. Numerous is a multi-faceted plot and one that will give Dan Brown a run for his money” - Leigh Ferrani, author, literary consultant. 


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